Thirteen Lies to Raise the Dead – Nagash is Risen!

Well our Warhammer league has ended!  Thank you very much to all the players that participated in it, we had a great turnout proving that our Warhammer fantasy community is as strong as ever!  In total 16 players participated throughout the league, with about 11 players playing almost the entire three months.

For those that weren’t able to follow the league, or that couldn’t play on the finale, the league followed a narrative.  A mysterious stranger named Neissman contacts you with information of a betrayal, and a bizarre clock.  As the league progressed Neissman would reward the victorious player with information on what alliance they were a part of, what the clock was used for, and what their real objective was.  The league used special and unusual scenarios, and was half-wargame half mystery.

In the end it was revealed that each alliance was actually trying to get a certain plate with their own unique symbols to match up with their alliance icon.  However, there was a greater twist, Neissman – the mysterious ally – was actually using each player to try and get his own unique plate to the top of the board.  If he was able to do so then his own scheme would be a success, and every alliance would fail!

The situation was tense at the end of the final battle as each player made final adjustments to the board, and despite all efforts, Neissman was able to achieve his objective!  Nagash is Risen, and the players have doomed the world!

I hope everyone enjoyed the league, it was a lot to organize since each week there was a new scenario, with secret objective, clues and actions.  But I believe things went very well!  Thanks again, and watch out for our next league for Warhammer which will focus on the aftermath of The Rise of Nagash!

~The Black Knight

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