Knights of the Realm: Warhammer Playoffs

The final event, our Thirteen Lies to Raise the Dead league, is over, and we now have our final standings! Congratulations to all five players that made it, and yes I mean five; there is a tie at fifth place, so we will do a round robin playoff between all five players. All five players have already won a $25 Gift Card, and the winner will win another $75 (for a total of $100!).  Thanks to everyone that participated in our Knights of the Realm season fro Warhammer in 2012!

The players moving one are:

  • Clayton Shebec
  • Luke Vermeer
  • Sean Minty
  • Gavyn Gurman
  • Colton Davies

These five players will now play a round robin tournament where they will play every player once.  The winner of the tournament will be Season Champion!  All five players should contact us at Black Knight Games so that we can get information to plan the games out.  Good Luck!

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