40K: Dark Vengeance Starter, Pre-Order NOW!

The next starter set for Warhammer 40,000 is coming, and soon!  Games Workshop has a history of excellent starter sets, and this edition is no exception.  Dark Vengeance will include Dark Angels, and Chaos Marines.  The set includes 48 minis, rulebook, dice, templates and measuring tools.  All in all the value of the contents, were you to buy them separately, would be almost $500.  No kidding.  There are roughly $200.00 worth of miniatures from each side, here’s what both forces get:

Dark Angels
-Dark Angel Company Master
-Dark Angel Librarian
-5 Dark Angels Terminators
-3 Ravenwing Bikes
-10 Dark Angels Marines
(including Sergeant, Plasma Gun & Plasma Cannon)
Chaos Marines
-Chaos Lord with Plasma Pistol
-6 Chosen Chaos Marines
(including Chosen Champion)
-Hellbrute with Multi-Melta & Power Fist
-10 Chaos Cultists (including Champion)
-10 more Chaos Cultists (including Champion)

We can’t post images, however you can find them at sites like Bell of Lost Souls, Beasts of War and Warseer, so go have a look!

SPECIAL EDITION SET: In addition to the normal Dark Vengeance Set, GW are releasing a special edition version of the set one week early, and it will also include a Limited edition Interrogator Chaplain model that will only be available in that set.  Black Knight Games will be getting many of these sets, however they are limited edition, and they will be VERY popular, so make sure to get your pre-order in now!

Black Knight Games will be taking pre-orders starting now on both the Special Edition set, and the regular Dark Vengeance starter sets.  Both of these sets will be popular, so the only way to guarantee yourself a copy is to pre-order it.  Here are the details:

Dark Vengeance Special Edition: MSRP $128.00 / Pre-Order Price $117.99
Release Date: September 1st 2012
Includes a Limited Edition Interrogator Chaplain

Dark Vengeance Starter Set: MSRP $119.00 / Pre-Order Price $107.99
Release Date: September 8th 2012

To pre-order either of these sets you can drop by the store, or call in with a CC, and either pay the full amount or a deposit.  Without a deposit or payment we cannot guarantee copies as numbers for both may be limited on release.

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