Warhammer 40,000 6th Edition Tournament Play

With a new edition of Warhammer 40,000 now in print it is time for Black Knight Games to evaluate how it changes our tournament structure and scoring.  To that end we have created a new Tournament Results Sheet for 40k, as well as a new method of scoring tournaments.  For those of you that have played tournaments at BKG in the past you will recognize much of what we will use, however there are several major changes as well.

The typical Warhammer 40,000 tournament will have three rounds.  Occasionally there will be times when an event may have more, but our normal monthly events will have three rounds.  Each round will have a different scenario, complete with the following details: Deployment, Special Rules, One Major Objective and three Secondary Objectives.   These scenarios and objectives might be taken from the rulebook, or created by the tournament organizer.

Match Scoring
The results of each game will allow for players to score the following points: Eight points for achieving the Major Objective, and three points for achieving each of the three Secondary Objectives.  Additionally players get three points just for playing the games (which players that leave the tournament early would not get).  In total a player may receive up to 20 points in a single match (8 for the major, 9 for the minors and 3 for playing).

Sportsmanship Scoring
Each round a player will judge their opponent’s sportsmanship as well, giving them up to three points for it.  The sportsmanship points are rewarded for players that kept the game moving, were fair when resolving disputes, created an enjoyable game and whom you would recommend to a friend.  At the end of the tournament each player will vote for their single favorite opponent.  Each vote will give the player a further point.  So a perfect sportsmanship score would be 12 including all three opponents voting for them and scoring a perfect 3 in each game.

Presentation Scoring
We will reward up to seven points in the tournament for Presentation.  The tournament organizers will reward a player with two points if their entire army is painted, two points if the entire army is based, one point if the army follows WYSIWYG (What you see is what you get), one point if the army is on a display board, and one point if the paint-job has a high-level of detail.  All of these will be judged by the tournament organizer which should keep the judging fair across all players’ armies.

Bonus Points
There will be four bonus points available to all players for coming to the event prepared.  One point will be awarded if the player provides the tournament organizers with an army list (that they can keep), an additional bonus point will be awarded if the player brings an army list to be made available to opponents.  One bonus point will be awarded if the player brings sufficient gaming supplies to play a proper game (Dice, Scatter Dice, Templates, Tape Measure & Objective Markers).  Finally one bonus point will be awarded if the player brings all necessary rulebooks, this includes a copy of the Warhammer 40K Rulebook, and any codexes for armies that the player is using including allies.

Here is the overall breakdown of possible points in a standard three round tournament:

Match Scoring
Game 1:  3-20pts
Game 2: 3-20pts
Game 3: 3-20pts
Total:  9-60pts

Sportsmanship Scoring
Game 1:  0-3pts
Game 2:  0-3pts
Game 3:  0-3pts
Favorite Opponents Votes:  0-3pts
Total:  0-12pts

Presentation Scoring
Entire army is painted: 0-2pts
Entire army is based: 0-2pts
Army is painted with a high level of detail: 0-1pt
Army is displayed on a Display Board: 0-1pt
Army is built following WYSIWYG: 0-1pt
Total: 0-7pts

Bonus Scoring
Provided an army list to the store: 0-1pt
Provided an army list(s) to opponents: 0-1pt
Brought all necessary gaming accessories: 0-1pt
Brought all necessary rulebooks: 0-1pt
Total: 0-4pts 

Highest Possible Score: 83pts 

New 6th Edition Results Sheet

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