Warhammer: Thirteen Lies to End the World


We are a few weeks in and some important information has leaked out!  Everyone this week will be given access to Clue #1.  Currently the Clock rests at 9.  If you haven’t already joined, it’s not to late to get in on the fun!

The sequal to our most popular campaign ever, Thirteen Lies to End the World, is here!  Thirteen Lies to Raise the Dead will be a league unlike any other.  In this league you will be given very little information, and only through victory every week will you uncover the secrets of the league, which team you are on, what your goals are and how to achieve them.  Who is Neissman?  What does the clock do?  What’s with the mysterious symbols on the game boar?  Questions will be answered as you uncover the secrets in Thirteen Lies to Raise the Dead!

When: Tuesdays at 6pm

Begins: June 12th
Ends: August 28th

Bring: Your army: 1000pts (Jun 12-Jul 3), 1500pts (Jul 10-31), 2000pts (Aug 7-28)

Greetings friend, you may not remember me but I certainly know you.  I was a great friend to your father when you were just a child, and used to tell you old war stories.  A business opportunity sent me across the sea many years ago and I have been there ever since.  I was saddened to hear about your father’s sudden death, he was a great man, the best I ever knew.  He entrusted me with some important information regarding a considerable inheritance, much more valuable than gold.  However, I was instructed to put you through a test to make sure that you are worthy.  I know what you are thinking, whatever the inheritance might be is a birthright!  And I sympathize with your sentiment, and certainly do not wish to provoke you at this delicate time.  However the item in question carries with it a certain responsibility and will power is paramount to utilize it properly.

I will send further instruction soon, and am actually preparing to come meet you myself, however there are certain matters that I must attend to presently.  In the meantime ready your forces and prepare for battle, because others know that your father has died, and as we speak they are preparing to rob you of what should be yours!

Your Faithful Servant,


You may absolutely join in after the league begins, and since you will be joining an existing team you will still be able to contribute and win.  So sign up today, and uncover the mystery!

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