Thank You

A big thanks to all of the people that came out to celebrate our 5th Anniversary!  We had about a hundred people pass through.  The auction was bigger than ever, and lots of people were able to get great deals (some ridiculously good ones!).  We gave away several great prizes, like Warmachine, Kings of War and Warpath Starter Sets, a pre-order for the new 40K rulebook, a booster box of MTG from a very old set, and a $75 gift card.  Lots of people got games in, tried some new stuff.  There were sales all day long, and of course there was cake!

So if you weren’t able to come yesterday, and now you’re thinking to yourself  “man I should have gone!” You are right!  And we will see you next year!

Thanks to everyone in our amazing BKG gaming community for making five years possible, I can’t wait for the next five!

~The Black Knight

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