Black Knight Games Fifth Anniversary Party & Auction!


It’s Auction Day!  The cake is ready, the auction lots are prepared, now all we need is for everyone to arrive!  We have double the number of auction lots this year than any other year, so there should be a ton of great deals to be had.  Given the size of the event (and the fact that the Italian Restaurant will have lots of people for the Italian Euro Soccer game at the same time) parking is going to be at a premium.  If you are able to arrange a carpool, find alternative parking, or get dropped off that would be a bit help!  Can’t wait for the biggest event of the year!

It seems like only yesterday that we were painting these walls red…many many many coats of red, but Black Knight Games will officially have been in business for five years tomorrow!  It’s been a hard road, but one made so much easier thanks to the great customers that we have here.  The BKG gaming community is such a joy to be a part of so as always we want to share our celebration with you.  Later this month we will be having our customary Anniversary Party & Auction, here are the details:

When: Sunday, June 24th, 12pm-5pm

Auction: We always use our Anniversary Party as an opportunity to clean house.  As you can imagine a store like ours tends to accumulate all sorts of stuff, so we will be giving you the chance to get some great stuff at some great deals.  The auction will function like last year, with a hybrid silent-live system.  At 1pm the Auction will open with all of the items spread apart, and people can begin to bid on them.  At 2pm we will take any items with at least two bids on them, and begin a live auction starting with the current high-bid.  At the auction there will be all kinds of stuff, examples include: discontinued/replaced items, items with damaged packaging, used store copies or miniatures, old terrain, promotional items, items from ranges we no longer carry in full and many more.  There will be miniatures, board games, RPGs and CCGs.  Basically if you come to Black Knight Games with any regularity there will be something you would enjoy, and you’ll have the chance to get it for cheap!

Cake: What kind of birthday party doesn’t have cake?  Ours will that’s for sure (no lie!).

Door Prizes: We will also have several door prizes, covering all of the major games we carry.  Anyone that comes in that day will get a ticket, and additional tickets can be earned throughout the day for any purchases made (including the auction).  You will get to choose which prize you put your ticket in for.  There will be at least five major door prizes.

Random Rolling Sales & Deals: Every hour we will have a sale or deal on part of our inventory.  Any items purchased from that product line during that hour will be discounted, given a bonus product or extra raffle tickets for the door prize.

Open Gaming and Demonstrations: It’s not all auctions and sales, there will of course be gaming.  We will have some people running games to teach newcomers, as well as tables open to play on as well.

More?: Our Anniversary Party is one of our favorite events of the year, and is certainly one of the biggest.  We will always look for great ways to make the event even more fun, so if there is a very good idea that will make the party awesome we are open to hearing it, there will likely be even more fun and surprises than listed here.

So be sure to come to the party!  Afterall this is a party not only celebrating our fifth year in business, but also the loyal gamers that got us here.  So come, eat my food, play on our tabletops, get some deals, win some stuff and have a great time!

~The Black Knight

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