War Torn Alliances: Thornwood

With the success of our April/May War Torn Alliance league Black Knight Games will be running another season from June 18th until July 16th.  For anyone who did not participate in the previous season of Black Knight’s WTA Campaign, this is a great way to get into Warmachine/Hordes or, for experienced players, to get in tons of games in a great miniatures hobby.

Throughout the league players will be allowed to play against other participants and report wins, but each Thursday (from 6pm – 9pm) we will host a special scenario and opportunity to earn additional points for participating in and winning battles.  Expect this season to have even more exciting scenarios than the last!

Privateer press Participation Badges are available for participants.  Players playing five different games with five different warcasters will have their badges upgraded to Combat Badges.  Any participant may also earn a Hobby Badge by playing five different games with five different fully painted warcasters/warlocks.  After playing two Mangled Metal/Tooth and Claw team games with your allied faction, you will also earn the Alliance Badge.

Best of all, results from the league here at Black Knight Games are uploaded to Privateer Press and affect a global map. What alliance will dominate the Thornwood?

The War-Torn Alliances give everyone an opportunity to shine in nearly all aspects of the hobby—painting and modeling, faction mastery, and working with a teammate to achieve victory for the greater good.

This season League Alliances are as follow:

          Khador–The Retribution

The first special event day for the league is June 21th, but league games can be played starting on June 18th.  If you want to count league games played before the first event day, email me the result of your match, your opponent’s name, and what factions each player played.

Update:  Based on some feedback from players, we’re going to continue to count an unlimited number of games per week, but only score the first two games played against the same opponent.  We want to see a ton of Warmachine played, but we’d like to reward and encourage people for playing against a variety of opponents.


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