Call to Arms: Flames of War Registration Open!

Call to Arms: Flames of War registration opens today!  Check out the details:

Flames of War is the most popular historical game at Black Knight Games. The game focuses on the armies of World War II, allowing the player to collect any faction, or even specific division, in the war. Flames of War is a smaller scale: 15mm, and relies on squads of infantry, support vehicles and of course tanks. Which side will you take when the German war machine moves on Europe? Join today!

Entry Fee: $150.00

You Get: $175.00 towards miniatures for the contest (yes just for signing up you get a deal!)

Begins: Monday, May 14th

Registration Ends: Friday, July 6th

Deadline: Sunday, July 15th

Victory Conditions: Each player must try to complete a legal 1250 point Flames of War force from either the Mid or Late era. In addition, the participant must contribute at least two journal entries to the Call to Arms blog by the deadline. Journal entries are simple updates on how your project is going, and can include details, pictures, or even links to a blog that you might have.  Participants can submit their journal entries to

Victory Pool: In addition to the deal that you get right off the top, Black Knight Games will be putting $25.00 into a Victory Pool for each participant. Anyone that completes their force (fully painted & based) by the deadline, and has submitted their minimum two journal entries will be given an even share of the Victory Pool.

Deadline Gaming: On the date of the deadline, Sunday, July 15th, we will be running a small tournament or mega-battles for all of the victorious participants. So you get a chance to play with your new army right away, against other fully painted armies, and against competitors with a similar amount of experience playing with it. This always makes for some very fun matches.

Armies: Forces must be a legal 1250pts. Participants may use the miniatures that they have gotten with their entry fee, as well as miniatures that they already own as long as they are not already painted, or they may buy additional miniatures. If participants wish to use miniatures they already own they must prove that the miniatures are not finished beforehand.

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