Knights of the Realm: Magic

The first Magic: the Gathering season in our Knights of the Realm program is here! The 2012 season of Magic will last three and a half months and include several tournaments, FNMs, and a league. All of these events will add to each player’s renown, both for participation and for achievement in the events.  At the end of the season we will have a playoff amongst the top four players for bragging rights and prizes!

Joining the Knights of the Realm leaderboard is open exclusively to Stronghold Members, and is free! Simply let the staff know you would like to join up.

Season Prizes: There will be several prizes to the participants of the Season. The victor of the playoff will get a $50.00 Black Knight Games gift card, and their name on the in-store plack of champions! Other participants in the final four matchup will get $25.00 gift cards. So $125.00 in prizes will be given out, and joining up is free!

Check out all the events in the season here!

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