New Standard Bearer: Pulp City

Pulp City is a great new game that pits super heroes against super villains in an old-school pulp setting.  Players assemble their own team of heroes or villains, as well as side-kicks and minions, and battle it out for the fate of the world.  Pulp City features some really fun rules, including the abilities to fly, throw scenery, and create your own minions.  We are working on a great board to play Pulp City on, and we now have a Pulp City Standard Bearer: Tim.

Tim will be making himself available to teach new players the game, and he will begin working on some fun events in the future for Pulp City players at Black Knight Games.  If you have any questions at all you can email him, or contact him through the forum.  All of Tim’s info can be found on the Pulp City Standard Bearer page.

So give the game a try, it is fun, different, and doesn’t require a huge investment to play!

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