Merry Christmas & Boxing Day Goodness

“On the twelfth day of Christmas Gamer-Santa gave to me:
-Twelve-Sided Dice a Rolling
-Eleven Boosters Packing
-Ten Marines Assaulting
-Nine Goblins Snotling
-Eight Pots a Painting
-Seven Wonders Wondering
-Six Gun-Mages Shooting
-Legend of Five Riiiiiiingggg!
-Four Dragons for my Dungeon
-Three Heavy ‘Jacks
-A Two-Player Starter Set
-And Black Knight Holiday Ballot for FREEEEEE”

The staff at Black Knight Games would like you wish you and yours a safe, happy and fun-filled Christmas!

Boxing Day:
Drop by on Boxing Day for some great deals! Sorry, that’s all I’m giving you…

Details will be up on the site on December 25th at 6:00pm

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