Magic the Gathering Season begins in January!

The first ever Knights of the Realm gaming season for Magic: the Gathering will begin in at the end of January.  Knights of the Realm is Black Knight Games’ newest gaming program, wherein several events for a specific game system will all be counted towards an overall seasonal standing.  The program is open to all Stronghold Members, and is free!  At the end of the season we will add up to see which player is the champion, and that player will win a big prize!  The Magic: the Gathering season will last about four months, and will include FNMs, tournaments including release events, as well as a league.  All events  will earn participants points based on attendance as well as performance.

Details of the exact events to be included in this season will be coming soon.  Registration for the season begins now, so if you are a magic player as well as a Stronghold Member be sure to register soon, after all it is free!  Not a Stronghold Member?  Then become one today and not only will you have access to the Knights of the Realm season, but you will also gets deals, discounts and other privileges!

Keep yours eye open for more details!


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