Dystopian Wars League

We will be running a league in January for all of our Dystopian Wars players.  Tom, our Dystopian Wars Standard Bearer, describes it like this:

 “For January i’m going to be organizing an ongoing campaign, in which i’ll be introducing new ways of playing dystopian wars, such as base assaults, capture and control and attacker/defender scenarios supported hopefully by the new terrain and models coming out in the not so distant future.” – Tom

Here are the details:

Event: Dystopian Wars: Global Domination Campaign
Duration: Starts on Tuesday, January 17th, on Tuesday Nights, Resets in April
Cost/Fee: Nothing, just bring your models and fight for your nation.
Campaign Details: Players will play games of Dystopian Wars through a variety of scenarios to gain victory Points for their Army’s Nation
So come one, come all, and conquer the world!


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