New Miniatures Range: Pulp City

We have brought in a brand new miniature game range to Black Knight Games: Pulp City.  Pulp City is a skirmish game with miniatures that you paint, with a similar initial investment to games like Malifaux, Infinity or Dystopian Wars.  In it you build your own hero or villain super-team.  The game has a feel of early pulp-serials and comics.

To really explain what drew me to bring in Pulp City I want to tell you about my first experience playing it:

I was at GenCon, and had decided to try out as many miniature games as I could, especially those that didn’t immediately appeal to me, because it was a good opportunity to see what else there was out there.  I have never collected comics, so the idea of a superhero-themed game definitely never appealed to me, but I wanted to see what Pulp City was all about anyway.  I ended up arriving late, but the guys running the demo had a spot left and let me jump in, “you will be playing as the monkeys” they said.  SOLD!  I love monkeys!  Turned out I was in charge of Apebot & Virus, a super-intelligent chimp that controls a massive robot gorilla.  So on my first turn they asked me what I wanted to do, and I said that I wanted to go beat-up this fancy looking caped hero.  So I began to move my massive ape towards him, then the demo-guy said, “Wait!  On your way past that lamppost would you like to pick it up?”  “Of course I do!” I exclaimed.  So my robo-ape ripped the lamppost out of the ground and threw it at Mr. Fancy Cape.  The result?  Critical strike and one dead superhero.  After that I was sold, and proceeded to spend the rest of the game picking up cars and mailboxes and using them to smash other heroes to bits.

All in all Pulp City runs like a pretty standard skirmish miniatures game.  However the fun theme, and details like scenery-manipulation make it fairly unique.  So for those reasons we have brought this great new game to Black Knight Games.  So make sure to check it out when you come in next!

If you would like to see more on Pulp City you can see all of the products on our webstore, and look around on the Pulp City website as well!

~The Black Knight



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