Knights of the Realm: Warhammer 40K Gaming Season

The inaugural Knights of the Realm gaming season starts now!  Knights of the Realm is Black Knights Games’ new competitive gaming season, and the first one we are running is for Warhammer 40K.  The way it works is that participants register for it, attend various events like tournaments, leagues & call to arms events, and earn renown points for participation and achievement.  Everyone’s total will be listed in the Knights of the Realm standings.  At the end of the season there will be a playoff for the top four players for prizes, and the chance to be the champion!

For the first season of Warhammer 40,000 there will be eight main events spread over a six month span, as well as a couple of small events to be named later, that will earn participants points.  The eight main events will include the Call to Arms that just started (so you can still join in if you aren’t registered!), six tournaments (one a month) and a league in the new year!

Check out the Warhammer 40,000 Season’s page for all the details on this season’s events, and how many

2011-12 Season Begins: Now!

2011-12 Season Ends: End of April 2012

So if you are a 40K player, and a Stronghold Member be sure to register for the Knights of the Realm season today!  Not a Stronghold Member?  Join up!

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