Malifaux League: Court of the Puppet King

Malifaux is a dangerous place to live. When you aren’t huddled in your house worrying about zombies and monsters breaking in a dragging you away, you are outside, wondering when the next earthquake or volcanic eruption is going to drop a building on your head. It’s a rough place, where only the desperate would ever go, and only the strong can hope to survive.

And yet, despite all of these things, people bring their children with them through the breach…

The Court of the puppet king is a 7 week multi-player campaign set in the city of Malifaux. Players will be required to sign up with their name, and the faction they wish to represent throughout the Campaign. During the campaign, there will be a weekly scenario game run by the campaign organizer. These games will include all of the campaign players in one large match. Each week of the event, players will also be assigned an opponent, and asked to organize a game with that person to be played by the beginning of the next week’s event. These games will be played using standard Malifaux rules and scenarios. Players are asked to report the outcome of the event to the tournament organizer before the weekly scenario game.

The weekly individual games will be where players from each faction can try to gain an advantage for their team in the next scenario game. The weekly scenario game will be where players can gain a bonus for their team in the campaign finale, so every game matters!

The children of Malifaux are in danger, and the hidden court of the Puppet King is the key to saving them from a terrible fate! Of course you may be leading them from one terrible fate into another,  that is up to you

Start date: January 16th, 2012

Ends: March 6th, 2012.

Weekly Scenario games will be help on Monday evenings at Black Knight Games (excluding Family Day) Start time for weekly events is 6:30 PM.

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