Movember Update

So November is about half over, and the participants’ mos are starting to come in (well most of us…can’t say that mine is a work of art).  Kudos to all of those that registered, now the next step is getting donations!  Most of us (other then Justin – Way to go man!) are still very light on the donations, so get to using those hideous stashes for good and get people to donate to you!

If you would like to support our efforts you can donate to the team, or individuals on the team here:

If you are interested in still joining, it’s certainly not too late.  Shave off that beard and keep the stash as is, and get collecting/raising awareness for a great cause!

Don’t forget we are offering two prizes as well, one goes to the person that gets the most donations, the second to the ugliest/manliest/most impressive/despicable-looking/creepy/thinnest/fullest stash as voted on by the BKG community.  Each winner will earn a $25.00 Gift Card at BKG.

Finally for those that have registered, make sure to post some pics of your hideous creations on your mo pages so that we will have a frame of reference!

Happy Movember, Keep Growing those stashes and those donations!

~The Black Knight

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