40K Event: Munitorum II Results

Our Warhammer 40,000 Munitorum II: Bolter tournament was a week ago, and we haven’t posted the results, so here they are!:

Best Overall: Jamie Goddard (Imperial Guard)

Best General: Graham Wilson (Grey Knights)

Best Presentation: Matt Towes (Chaos Marines)

Best Sportsmanship: Mike Fleet (Eldar)

Thanks to everyone that came out to make for another solid 40k tournament.  Our next tournament is the ‘2 Day 40K’ event running from November 26-27.  Sign up soon for one of the two qualifiers on the 26th now to reserve your spot!

Here are the overall standings for the Munitorum 2: Bolter event, as well as the overall standings for the series:

Munitorum II: Bolter Results

Overall Series Standings

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