Malifaux Primer Series

Mykk, the Standard Bearer for Malifaux is arranging for some entry level Malifaux Gaming on Mondays starting next week.

Hi guys,

I want to start a primer gaming series for Malifaux players to start next week and run to mid December. The idea is just to get people playing games, building off of their C2A crews and getting to know the rules better. In January I plan to follow up with a more detailed league/campaign hopefully with some prize support or incentives, but we can talk about that later.

I plan to be at the store Mondays to run games, but will be encouraging participants to play games whenever they can get them in towards this series.

~Mykk, Mailifaux Standard Bearer

So beginning next Monday, October 31st, we will be running casual Malifaux gaming nights on Mondays!

When: Mondays, starting at 5:00pm

Bring: Your Crew

Entry Fee: None!

Ending: Mid December

See you there!

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