Standard Bearers

We are putting the final touches on the Standard Bearers webpage, but I thought that it made sense to announce the Standard Bearers that we have selected to kick off the program.  The Standard Bearers that we have is not set in stone, we will certainly add Standard Bearers as we see fit, and some will move on and leave the program.  So if you have interest in becoming a Standard Bearer please let us know!  All of the information about Standard Bearers will be found here.  So without further ado, here are the current Black Knight Games Standard Bearers:

Warhammer 40,000: Ryan King & Brendan Fraser
Warhammer: Nathan Flameling & Marc Chabot
Flames of War: Fred Hamilton
Painting: Kaz Simaitis
Malifaux: Mykk Lowden
Dungeons & Dragons: Paul Millson
Dystopian Wars: Tom Keeble
Magic: the Gathering: Robert Gutowski

We don’t have a Standard Bearer for Warmachine & Hordes (yet) however we do have a local pressganger from Privateer Press: Ayden. So his contact information will be on the Standard Bearers page as well, as he will be serving the same role.

Congratulations to all of those we have selected, check back for more information on the Standard Bearers,  as well as see what they have planned!

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