Call to Arms: Paint Off

With the Warmachine & Hordes Call to Arms in the books we turn to the next C2A event.  This time we are doing something a little bit different.  Rather then focusing on a specific game system, we will be focusing on painting!  In Call to Arms: Paint Off participants will have a month to get three entries finished for a painting contest.  Here’s how it works:

Entry Fee: $70.00

You Get: $75.00 towards miniatures for the contest (yes just for signing up you get a deal!)

Deadline: Sunday, November 13th, 12:00pm

Victory Conditions: Each player must try to complete entries in three different categories by the deadline. The three categories are detailed below. In addition, the participant must contribute at least two journal entries to the Call to Arms blog by the deadline. Journal entries are simple updates on how your project is going, and can include details, pictures, or even links to a blog that you might have.  Participants can submit their journal entries to

Prize: In addition to the deal that you get right off the top, Black Knight Games will be putting $10.00 into a Victory Pool for each participant, as well as $5.00 into the Contest Pool. Anyone that completes their three entries (fully painted & based) by the deadline, and has submitted their minimum two journal entries will be given an even share of the Victory Pool.

Painting Contest: On the date of the deadline, Sunday November 13th, we will be holding a painting contest for all of the entries. There will be prizes for the winners of the three categories, who will split the Contest Pool (not the Victory Pool). Any entries that have been submitted will be judged, even if the participant didn’t finish all three entries.

Entries: Entries must come from at least two different game systems. Participants may use the miniatures that they have gotten with their entry fee, as well as miniatures that they already own as long as they are not already painted, or they may buy additional miniatures. If participants wish to use miniatures they already own they must prove that the miniatures are not finished beforehand.


Single Model: Any single miniature smaller then a 50mm x 50mm base. Examples would include 28mm infantry/cavalry, any Warmachine/Malifaux miniature on a 30mm or 40mm round base, a ship from Firestorm Armada, Dredfleet or Dystopian Wars, or a tank from Flames of War, etc.

Large Model: Any single miniature on a 50mm base or larger. Examples would include: a Warhammer 40K tank, Carnifex, Warhammer Stegadon, Warmachine Heavy Warjack or Battle Engine, etc.

Group: A group of five or more miniatures that share an in-game theme. Examples would include: A Warhammer unit, or 40K squad, a Malifaux Warband, a fleet or squadron from Uncharted Seas, a team from Infinity, etc.

So heed this Call to Arms and sign up today!

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