Warmachine VS Cystic Fibrosis Charity Tournament

Mulg HATES Cystic Fibrosis


Join us for a charity tournament supporting Cystic Fibrosis Canada.  All proceeds will be going to the folks at this excellent charity, and all of the prizes and goodies have been donated by some excellent sponsors. 

When: Saturday, October 8th, 12:00pm – 6:00pm
Entry Fee: $20.00 (There is no discount for Stronghold Members because the entire amount goes to charity)
Game Size: 35pts (Two Lists)
Format: Steamroller

Throughout the games players will have the option of donating $1.00 to Cystic Fibrosis Canada to buy a re-roll.  The re-roll is for an entire roll, so if a player rolls three dice for damage they would re-roll ALL three dice (players cannot choose to just re-roll 1).  Players may re-roll a re-roll, however in order to do so they must double the price each time (so re-roll the dice once for $1.00, twice for $2.00, three times for $4.00 etc.).  Likewise players may choose to donate in the same way in order to force an opponent to re-roll.

All of the prizes in the tournament have been donated by some great sponsors:
1st Place: Any box, including Battle Engines, units or whatever!  (Donated By: Chris Mallory the Tournament Organizer).
2nd Place: Any box up to a value of $50.00 (Donated By: Black Knight Games)
3rd Place: Any Blister of any value (Donate by: Black Knight Games)
Coins: The top three places will receive Privateer tournament coins as well (Donated By: Privateer Press)

In addition to the normal prizes we have some great stuff in a swag bag for everyone that plays.  Privateer Press has donated the following for every player in the tournament: A Hordes Domination Poster, a Warmachine Wrath Poster, a Privateer Press Die, and a Privateer Press bandanna.  Also Ayden, our Press-ganger, has been painting up a Cygnar Storm Strider that he will be giving away to one lucky participant!

We also have a few more sponsors that we are waiting to hear from, so there will likely be even more swag, prizes or giveaways!

So help Mulg out and join in the fight against Cystic Fibrosis!

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