Events Calendar: October


Welcome to October!  This month we will see several very exciting events here at Black Knight Games.  Innistrad, the new and very popular set from Magic is released at the beginning of October.  As always we will be running a Launch Party Sealed Deck tournament, as well as offering the Buy-A-Box Promotion.  Speaking of Innistrad, the first Magic: the Gathering league using the new WPN league system begins in October, so be sure to check out the Innistrad League.  We will be running a great tournament for a great cause, so if you are a Warmachine or Hordes player be sure to sign up for Warmachine VS. Cystic Fibrosis.  We have a beginner’s game day for Malifaux, so whether you are planning to get started in Malifaux, or you want to get some games in to better know your faction, we’ll see you at the Sewn Together Wrong event.  The second tournament in the Warhammer 40,000 Munitorum series is in October as well.  Finaly, at the end of the month we have the biggest standard tournament of the new magic block, the Innistrad Game Day.

Looking to the side-board we can see that November has some very exciting events coming as well, with our first ever multi-day Warhammer 40K tournament, the Two-Day Masters.  We also have our biggest event of the fall, the Black Knight Games Demo Day 2011!  So whatever it is you are interested in playing we have got you covered!

For more details on these and other events make sure to sign up for the Black Knight Games Newsletters , and do it soon because the October Newsletters will be going out over the next week!

Happy Black Knight Gaming!

~The Black Knight

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