Play Free with Magic Celebration!

Magic Celebration is a great way to celebrate your favorite game! Enjoy an event courtesy of Wizards at Black Knight Games!

Free Mini-Masters Event

Come on in and play in a special format event for FREE!  Each participant in the Mini-Masters will get a free booster pack and 15 lands, and will play a game with them.  Winners of the first match will be given more lands and another free booster to add to their tiny deck, and will play again.  Players continue to add to their decks as long as they keep winning!

When: Saturday, September 10th, 12:00pm
Entry Fee: How many times do we have to say it’s FREE!
Seating will be limited while supplies last.  Once it is done, if we still have boosters we’ll do it all over again!

Wait, There’s More?

Yes there is!  The first four customers who purchase a Deckbuilder’s Toolkit at the Magic Celebration event will receive a t-shirt! (T-shirt sizes are L and XL. While supplies last. Void where prohibited. Offer good one per person.)

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