Major Announcement: Newsletters Everywhere!

Black Knight Games is beginning a great new system of email newsletters to keep you in touch with the news you care about.  Rather then sending out one blanket newsletter we have made several email lists that you can sign up for.  This way Magic players can get the Magic: the Gathering news, without having to sift through a bunch of info on stuff they don’t care about, and 40K players can quickly skim over all of the Warhammer happenings, without having to hear about the upcoming Yu-Gi-Oh set.  When you sign up for our newsletter you will be prompted to select which lists you would like to join, you can select more then one, here are the newsletter lists that we will begin with:

  1. BKG Headlines: This newsletter will only discuss the most important events, sales and news at Black Knight Games.  Received only when there is relevant news.
  2. Magic: the Gathering: This newsletter will cover everything possible for Magic: the Gathering, including all our Magic events, from FNMs to Pre-Releases, new and upcoming releases, and other MTG news.  Received Monthly, as well as occasional special announcements.
  3. Warmachine & Hordes: This newsletter will cover the world of Warmachine.  New and upcoming releases will be listed, along with news and information on our leagues, tournaments and other events.  Other Privateer Press related info will make its way in as well from time to time.  Received Monthly, as well as occasional special announcements.
  4. Warhammer & Warhammer 40K: This newsletter will include any information and news on the systems of Games Workshop, focusing mainly on the two Warhammer worlds.  New releases will be included, as well as upcoming releases (when available).  Received Monthly, as well as occasional special announcements.
  5. Wargaming: This newsletter is a catch-all for other wargames that are popular at Black Knight Games, like Flames of War, Malifaux, Dystopian Wars, Kings of War etc. Received Monthly, as well as occasional special announcements.

Over time we may add or subtract newsletter listings based on the customer interest as well as the amount of news a particular game or category of games has.  So in time there may be a Board Game newsletter, or one for other Collectibles, or RPGs, only time will tell.  If there is an area that you feel we are not covering enough please let us know!  You can unsubscribe from our newsletter lists any time, anonymously, so sign up now and get all of the important BKG news delivered right to you!

You can sign up for our newsletter any time by clicking on the button at the top left of this page, or through facebook.  However just to make it super easy for those of you reading:

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