New Gamer Program: Standard Bearers

As we previously mentioned we are transforming the Knightly Orders program by splitting it up and creating several new initiatives that we hope will prove more successful.  The first of these is the new Standard Bearer program.

What is a Standard Bearer?

Standard Bearers are individuals that will champion and promote a specific game system, or hobby niche.  A Standard Bearer is someone that will help us plan and run gaming events in the store.  They will be one of our main conduits to that game’s community at Black Knight Games.  Through our Standard Bearers we hope to learn more about what events the customers would like us to run, as well as what the general community attitude is.  This will hopefully allow us to run more and better gaming events, and make sure that the needs of each section of our hobby community is taken care of.  In addition to this Standard Bearers will be made available to new players wishing to learn the game/system.

What is Required of a Standard Bearer?

The most important thing for a Standard Bearer to have is enthusiasm for the game system they want to champion.  A Standard Bearer should be the type of person that loves teaching new players, and loves playing the game themselves.  Standard Bearers should have a desire to plan and run events as well, and a willingness to work together with the Black Knight Games staff and management to pull off successfully planned, promoted and run events.  Standard Bearers should have a strong knowledge of the game that they represent.  There is no minimum or maximum time commitment, rather we want to see the Standard Bearers continue to contribute and participate in our gaming community.  If a Standard Bearer is found to not be contributing, or to be contributing negatively, the Staff at BKG reserve the right to remove them from the Standard Bearer program.

What Does a Standard Bearer Get?

We will not list publicly the exact reward system for Standard Bearers, however we can announce the basics.  Standard Bearers will be rewarded with store credit for any events that they participate in running or planning, based on the level of effort required for the event.  Standard Bearers will also receive a discount on the game system that they represent.  Standard Bearers will be given a email address, which they should check regularly (or have forwarded to their own email).  This email address will be accessible by the gaming community as a way for customers to request games demonstrations, ask rules or event questions etc.  Standard Bearers will also be given a BKG Standard Bearer T-Shirt to be worn when they are running events.

Looking For Standard Bearers NOW!

This is a brand new program, so we are beginning our search for Standard Bearers immediately!  We are specifically looking for one or more Standard Bearers for:

  • Warhammer 40,000
  • Warhammer Fantasy
  • Warmachine & Hordes
  • Flames of War
  • Magic: the Gathering
  • Major RPGs (ex. Dungeons & Dragons 4.0, Pathfinder, Warhammer 40K Roleplay etc.)
  • Other games that we sell at BKG (ex. Malifaux, Dystopian Wars, Yu-Gi-Oh, Kings of War, L5R etc.)
  • Hobby/Gaming Niches (ex. Painting, Terrain Making, Converting, Board Gaming)

How to Apply

If you believe that you are the type of person that would be a great representative of your favorite game system please apply!  Applicants should send us a page on why they would like to be a Standard Bearer, what they believe makes them a good candidate for the position, as well as a little bit about their own personal involvement and experience in the hobby.  If we believe that you would fit in well we will meet with you for a face to face meeting just to confirm that we are all on the same page.  Please note that we are looking to fill these positions with people that we truly feel will be a benefit to the growth of our gaming community, and will only fill these positions if we wind the right person.

You can drop the page off, or email it in to

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