Changes coming to Knightly Orders

The goal of our Knightly Orders system was to provide you, our loyal customers, with the ability to schedule and run events, get rewarded for participating, as well as to create a way for us to hold more events, and more varied events, than we ourselves are able to personally plan and run.  The idea was that by setting up a system where groups of our customers could get together and plan or run an event that we would be able to offer more events for you to attend and also give you the ability to share your favorite games, or hobby niches with others.  I maintain that the idea is a great one, however we have not had the response to this system that I was hoping for.  We have had many groups register a Knightly Order, however most of these didn’t get much past this stage.  We did get a few Knightly Orders claim renown points by teaching new players, running a regular game night, or even in a couple instances schedule events, some more successful then others.  To those that participated in this new program, and dove right in with everything you had, I thank you.  It is because of customers like you that we created this program to begin with.

There has, however, not been enough participation to justify the amount of work that has to go in to the program to keep it going.  So we are going to be making some major changes to the way we run it.  As of today we will not be sanctioning any more Knightly Order events, or accepting renown points apart from events that have already been planned.  If you have a future event planned please talk with us and we will make sure that it goes ahead as planned.  Any renown that has been earned by those orders that have been participating will be rewarded fairly.

Why did the Knightly Orders system fail to grow and expand the way we had hoped?  That is a hard question, I believe that it had a few inherent flaws.  One thing we found was that all of the orders that did participate enthusiastically were mainly driven by an individual that did most of the work.  They had additional members to make them legitimate, however it was mostly a specific person that made them succeed.  Another problem was that even those that were trying to use the system weren’t always successful, mostly due to inexperience in promoting and running an event.  We at BKG weren’t all that clear on how to run an event, and while were were willing to help, we were rarely asked for it.  Couple these issues with a system that was fairly complicated, perhaps too complex, and we have a failed experiment.  But that is okay, it is better to try to be new and innovative then to stay stagnant.  That all being said we have a new plan to move forward and achieve the goals we set out to achieve with the Knightly Orders, using the lessons we have learned from this experiment.

The New Plan

Knightly Order will no longer be a group of individuals registering together to run events.  It will be split in to two new programs: Standard Bearers, and the Stronghold Leaderboard.

Standard Bearers

Standard Bearers will be individuals that are tasked with promoting and running a specific game system.  They will apply for the position and will have to go through an interview process.  Standard Bearers will be rewarded with several perks for their efforts, a discount on their game system among others.  Standard Bearers will work closely with the BKG staff to plan, promote and run evens like leagues, campaigns and tournaments.  Standard Bearers are also available to teach new players how to play, and they can be contacted through their own Black Knight Games email address by customers looking to plan a demonstration game, or tutorial.

Stronghold Leaderboard

The Stronghold Leaderboards will be a collection of leaderboards for different game systems.  Each leaderboard will last a certain amount of time like a season in sports, usually about a year.  During that time there will be several different event types, all of which will earn participants points towards the leaderboard.  At the end of the season the players at the top of the leaderboard will be declared the winners, and will receive prizes based on their final position, as well as a spot in the Hall of Champions with a plaque.  All Stronghold Members are eligible to register for each season of the leaderboards.

We hope that these changes will make it easier for those wishing to run events to do so, and for those wishing for rewards for participation and competitive play to gain them.  All in all these changes should make for an easier and more accessible store program, we hope you enjoy them!

~The Black Knight

Looking for Standard Bearers!

If you are interested in becoming a Standard Bearer for one of the games we play here you can submit your application in person, or by email at .  We don’t need a normal resume, however a page explaining your experience with the game in question, as well as why you think you would be great for teaching it to others and running events, would go a long way to us giving you the position.  So if you think you’re right for it apply now!!!

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