Back from GenCon!

Well my week-long excursion to GenCon 2011 in Indianapolis has come to an end.  This was the first time I attended GenCon Indy, and I was blown away by the size of it.  Over 30,000 people attended the four-day gaming Mecca, and over 8,600 events took place.  I myself took advantage of several demonstrations, and learned a dozen new games.  I also was in attendance at several seminars for gaming retailers, including a seminar by Fantasy Flight where they announced Decent: Second Edition for the first time ever!  I got to try out the new Magic: the Gathering Mini Masters format, which was a great time.  You can try it at the upcoming Magic Celebration event at Black Knight Games.  There were hundreds of exhibitor booths where you could try out new games, buy gaming gear, talk to artists and authors, buy costumes and weapons, get limited edition, or pre-release items and all kinds of other stuff.

Four days was not enough to take in everything, and even though my time was spent fairly well I came nowhere near doing everything I wished to do.  I was thoroughly impressed, and encourage anyone to go out an attend the biggest gaming event in North America next year if you can.  Indianapolis is a long way from here, but the trip was certainly worth it!

Now that I am back there is work to do.  We have had very minimal re-stocks, or internet updates in the past week.  We have to update the end of the Malifaux Call to Arms, and give out more info on the new Warmachine Call to Arms that begins this weekend.  And there is a ton of new releases to get on to our shop floor.  So stay tuned as I attempt to catch up from the best four days in gaming, at GenCon 2011!

~The Black Knight

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