Call to Arms: Malifaux (Updated)

The Call to Arms event for Malifaux is in full swing, and an impressive seventeen participants are now painting feverishly (or at least they should be!) to get their new forces done.  There is still nearly three weeks left until the deadline, so if you are interested in joining in there is certainly still enough time!  A very interesting note is that out of the seventeen individuals participating, not a single one has chosen either Guard or Resurectionists as their faction.  So if you’re looking for something unique to play, those would be an excellent option.

Now that the Call to Arms: Malifaux event page has been updated you can follow the progress of each participant as they try and build an army from scratch with a deadline.  Participants, don’t forget to submit your journal entries along the way as well.  Now would be an excellent time to submit one to let everyone know what you are working on, and what your game-plan is!

Good luck to all of the participants.  I myself am not joining in on this one as I have another painting project that I am working one, however Black Knight Games will be represented well with both Rob and Chris throwing their hats in the ring!  To the winners go the spoils!

~The Black Knight

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