Update: Call to Arms’ WFB & Malifaux

This is an update on our current, and next Call to Arms events.

Call to Arms 2011: Warhammer is over this coming Sunday.  So far we only have one participant that has completed their army.  Everyone else has not yet submitted a second journal entry.  So if you are participating in this Call to Arms event make sure to send us an update, and power through the army and get it done!  There is a $375.00 victory pool to be split by anyone that finishes, which means that unless some other participants join Darryl in a victory lab he will be single-handedly taking how the entire prize!  So if ever you needed motivation to finish painting a project, here it is.  Check out the updated website here.

Registration has now begun for Call to Arms 2011: Malifaux.  We already have nine participants registered, and several more have expressed interest.  This one is the easiest Call to Arms event we have ever done.  A typical Malifaux force at 35 points (the goal) is between 6-10 models.  Who can’t finish 10 models in a month?  Malifaux is a new game that is already bursting with popularity and potential at Black Knight Games.  Don’t know how to play?  No problem, we already have a Knightly Order that is more then happy to teach new players the game.  Ask staff for details, and check out the website here.

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