Price Reduction: Flames of War & Gale Force 9


We have made a price adjustment to the prices for all of our products distributed by Battlefront Miniatures, which includes everything from Flames of War, Flames of War: Vietnam, Battlefield in a Box, as well as the Gale Force 9 hobby supplies like the flock tubs, GF9 tools and templates.  This price adjustment is the good kind: a price decrease!  We will now use the standard US price structure, rather then using inflated Canadian prices.  This has been made possible by the strong Canadian dollar, and the way that it has been consistently competitive with the American dollar over the past year or more (Way to go Canada!!!).

This has resulted in a substantial price drop on many items.  For example items that have been $13.99 are now more like $11.99.  We also dropped any prices that weren’t an even dollar ($12.50 for example) down to the next dollar amount (so in the case of the $12.50 items, they would be $11.99).

Hopefully you the customer are happy with this change!  And please note that we will be evaluating all of our pricing structures over the next month or two, so I expect other areas where we believe we can afford to offer better prices to improve as well!

~The Black Knight

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