Event: 40K Munitorum I (Results)

Everyone’s first shot at the new Munitorum Series was last weekend, with Munitorum I: Lasgun!  The defending champ Andrew got off to a great start in defending his title, by winning Best Overall!  We, once again, had a great turnout as our 40K tournaments always seem to fill up, including several first-timers!  Here are the winners:

Best Overall: Andrew Simms (Orks)

Best General: Mike Kotik (Blood Angels)

Best Presentation: Matt Towes (Chaos Space Marines)

Best Sportsmanship: Dave Bakker (Orks)

Congrats to the winners, and thanks to all of the players that enjoyed the games, the pizza and the competition!  Don’t forget this tournament counted towards the new series, where we add up each person’s top three results (out of a possible 4 tournaments), so if you didn’t get out to the tournament last weekend you still have a chance if you come to the next three!

Here are the overall results:

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