Anniversary Party Details, Why You Should Come!

The Anniversary Party & Auction are tomorrow!  I just wanted to take a minute to explain how it will all work tomorrow, and to let you know how you can get your bids in even if you are unable to attend the auction itself.

***UPDATED: We have updated the Auction Lots, so check out the full list here***

The Auction

The Auction will be a combo of silent and live auction.  We will be making the auction lots available immediately for the Silent Auction portion.  Every auction lot will have a sheet where you can bid on the item.  Bids must begin at the starting amount, and you may only bid in $1.00 increments.  For the Silent Auction portion you can outbid the leader by writing down your higher bid on the next line of the sheet.  At 4:30 we will begin the live auction, where any sheets that have at least two bids on them will go up for a live-call auction, starting with the highest bidder from the silent portion as the current leading bid.  If an item only has a single bid, or no bids, by the time the Live Auction begins it will not be in the live auction.  The single bid wins, or nobody wins.  So even if you can’t make it in tomorrow you can call or drop by tonight, or tomorrow before the live auction begins  at 4:30pm, and get your bids in!

Click HERE to see the list of Auction Lots, please bear in mind we may add more!

Main Points:

  • Silent Auction starts right now, you may start bidding tonight, or on Saturday before the live Auction.  If you can’t get in feel free to call your bid in!
  • Live Auction Starts at 4:30pm, any items win which multiple people bid will finish off the bidding in the Live Auction.
  • All bids are a commitment to buy, and all sales are final.  Bids may only be in $1.00 increments.

Grab Boxes

When we were going through the items we have available for auction there were many lower-priced items, or items that didn’t really match-up well.  These have been placed in one of three Grab Boxes.  All items in the Grab Boxes will be on sale for only $2, $5 or $10 depending on which box they are in.  First come first serve!!!


Everyone that walks in on Saturday will be given a ballot for our draws.  If you are a Stronghold Member you will be given an additional ballot.  For every $10 you spend on Saturday until 7pm you will be given an additional ballot.  You may place your ballot in your choice of possible prize draws,  The Prize draws are:

Prize Draw #1

Space Hulk: An unopened copy of this limited edition, very popular, re-make of Space Hulk!

Prize Draw #2

Magic: the Gathering Limited Ed Bundle: A From the Vaults: Exiled (extremely Limited Ed) set, and a Fire and Lightning Premium Deck

Prize Draw #3

Gift Card: Not a big fan of the other two prizes?  No problem, you can win a $100 Gift Card at Black Knight Games to buy whatever you’d like!

Cake & Gaming:

At 12:00pm we will have free cake for everyone, as well as a lot of different gaming demonstrations, events and open gaming.

Magic: the Gathering Commander Launch Party

At 6:00pm we will be running a Launch Party event for the new Magic: the Gathering Commander format!  Commander, commonly known as EDH, is a casual multi-player format that was so popular that they made it official.  Entry fee is $35, or $30 for Stronghold Members.  Entry includes a Commander box (a $31.99 value), which you will use to play!  There are some great promo-cards to be won as well so be sure to sign up!

Open Gaming

If Magic isn’t your cup of tea, the rest of the store will be open to play some late night gaming.  We are staying open until 10:00pm, so get some game-time in!!!

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