Warhammer 40,000 Aquila (Results)

The final tournament from our Warhammer 40,000 Aquila Series occurred a couple of weeks ago.  Like always we had a great turn-out for the event, and there was some great competition.  At the end of the day there were two champions, the winner of Aquila IV: Titanics, as well as the overall Series Champion!  We’ll start off with the tournament itself.

The winners of the fourth tournament in the Aquila Series, Titanicus, are:

Best Overall: Shayne Hall (Grey Knights)

Best General: Mike Fleet (Space Marines)

Best Presentation: Ryan King (Orks)

Best Sportsman: Ben Warburton (Tyranids)

On to the winner of the entire series.  Each player’s series score is calculated by adding up their points earned through their top three tournament finishes, out of a possible four tournaments in the series.  So if you played in four we drop your top result, if you played in three or less it is the total of all your tournaments.  So the top three players in the Aquila Tournament Series are:

1st Place: Andrew Simms

2nd Place: Alex Kirley

3rd Place: Jamie Goddard

Congrats to Andrew Simms the winner of the whole thing!  Andrew will be given a trophy/plaque with his accomplishment on it, as well as have his name immortalized on the Hall of Champions wall plaque in the store.  Well done to Andrew, and Shayne, and a big thank you to everyone that participated in the final tournament, and all the tournaments in the Aquila Tournament Series!

The next tournament series begins right away!  The first tournament in the new Munitorum Tournament Series is in a couple of weeks, on June 25th.  Join in and follow in the footsteps of past champions like Andrew!

Aquila 4: Titanicus Results


Aquila Tournament Series Totals

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