Black Knight Games Anniversary Party & Auction!!!

We will have a full, Anniversary Party page made up at some point tomorrow, but just so everyone has an idea of what will be happening at our biggest event of the year this weekend, here is the schedule:

10:00am – Store is Open for Business

12:00pm – Anniversary festivities begin (festivities will include games, sales, draws, intro-games, cake etc.)

4:00pm – Auction (At the auction we unload all kinds of items to the highest bidder.  Items as the auction will range across pretty much every game system we sell.  The auction format will be a silent-live hybrid.  Basically we will have the items on display, and will have a half-hour silent auction.  Then, at the end of the silent portion, any item with at least two bids on it will go be auctioned off live starting off with the highest bid from the silent portion)

6:00pm – Magic: the Gathering Commander Launch Party (we will be running a fully sanctioned launch party for the extremely popular commander/EDH format that is brand new this week!)

6:00pm – Late Night Open Gaming (if you’re not playing in the commander launch party, you can take advantage of our Anniversary extended hours and play whatever you want until 10!)

10:00pm – Closed (We have extended our closing hours by four hours to close at ten!)

Our Anniversary Party will be full of great stuff for you to do, and it is always one of our most popular events.  So see you there!!!

Attention Knightly Orders!!!: If you are interested in running an event, or demonstration at the party please let us know.  We will be running lots of stations, games and demonstrations from 12pm-4pm, and we’d love for you to be a part of it.

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