Call to Arms: Malifaux Announced!


The next Call to Arms has been announced!  For this one we will be delving in to the strange world of Malifaux, by Wyrd Games.  Malifaux is a newer game here at Black Knight Games, and there have been a lot of people interested in giving it at try, well here is the perfect opportunity!

Malifaux is set in a very interesting universe, one that combines elements of steam-punk, horror, western, weird-science and many other themes into one fun game.

Unlike the first two Call to Arms events that we did (Warhammer & Warhammer 40,000) Malifaux is a skirmish-size game, meaning you can play a game with as little as five to ten miniatures.  Because of this we have reduced the entry fee, and time-limit.  So rather then being $150 to enter like the past two, Call to Arms: Malifaux will only cost $50.  And, rather then getting two months to finish the army, you will only get one.

We will still have the other elements of Call to Arms that everyone else enjoyed, like the status update website, the victory-pool for winners to split, the discounted start-up (you get $60 worth or stuff for your $50 entry fee), and the tournament at the finale.

Registration will begin on Monday, June 20th so be sure to get involved and give this fresh new game a try!  For full rules check out the Call to Arms: Malifaux website!

And, if you are curious about the Call to Arms event that will follow up Malifaux here is a sneak-peak.

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  1. I guess I’ll hold off painting my Perdita gang until this starts!

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