Finecast Now On Sale & Price Increased Delayed at BKG

The Games Workshop resin finecast range is now available at Black Knight Games, both in the store and on our online store.  The quality of the miniatures is great and they are now in excellent packaging as well, far better the the old blisters.  If you are interested in any finecast miniatures, be sure to grab them up quickly as the first few months will see a very limited supply, in fact most of the miniatures are already sold out for the month of June.  Black Knight Games will be carrying almost 90 of the 113 miniatures in the finecast range, and we can certainly special order any of the others in for you.

The Games Workshop price increase also is now in effect, however we at Black Knight Games will be delaying the increase until July, so you still have a month to enjoy the old prices!

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