Event: WFB Revolution 4 – Anarchy (Results)

The final tournament in the Warhammer Revolution Tournament Series is in the books!  Thank you to our participants in this tournament, and the other three in the Revolution series.  Here are the winners of last weekend’s tournament:

Best Overall: Ron McCallum (Warriors of Chaos)

Best General: Marc Chabot (Dwarfs)

Best Presentation: Sean Minty (Vampire Counts)

Best Sportsmanship: Jason Beldman (Tomb Kings)

Here are the overall standings for the Revolution IV: Anarchy tournament:

As to the winner of the series as a whole, we calculated the total score for each player based on their top three tournament performances.  And the winner is: Marc Chabot!  Congratulations Marc, your name will be placed on our plaque of tournament champions and we will prepare a special plaque for you to take home commemorating your victory!

Below are the overall standings for the entire series:

The next tournament series for Warhammer begins in July, it will be called the ‘Battlezone Tournament Series’ and it will have an interesting twist.  Each tournament in the series will be set in a specific area of the world, and the scenarios will reflect the ‘battlezone’ that each tournament is set in.  So be sure to check it out on out events page!

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