Webstore Now Online!

We are very happy and proud to announce that after an extremely long process, filled with tweaks, adjustments, overhauls, re-dos, last-minute changes, delays and postponements the Black Knight Games Online Store is now operational!

The address is: shop.blackknightgames.ca

You can find the online store by clicking the Online Store tab at the top of the page, and once on the online store you can re-access this website (the local website) by clicking on the Local Store tab at the top of that page.

Our online store will sell nearly everything we sell in our store, over 3000 items in total!  The prices online will match those of our retail location too, so you will usually get the same deal either way.  Shipping costs on our store are very competitive as well, with a $4.99 flat shipping cost within Ontario, and only $6.99 Canada-wide!

You will be able to see what is in stock on the online store as well, and you can pre-order upcoming releases too!

So check out Black Knight Games Online, and get a special welcome discount!

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