Event: 40K Mini Tournament (Results)

***UPDATE: We have made a mistake in the results calculation.  A win was recorded from the wrong side, and after a re-calculation Mike Fleet should have had 91pts, which puts him up in the Best Overall position.  So Frank and Mike will share the best overall title, and will both be rewarded with matching prizes.  Sorry about the confusion!***

With another great 40K tournament in the books once again we honour our champions.

Best Overall: Frank Woodhall (Blood Angels) & Mike Fleet (Space Marines)

Best General: Ben Warburton (Tyranids)

Best Presentation: Mike Fleet (Space Marines)

Best Sportsman: Brent Grice (Eldar)

Congratulations to our winners, and thanks to everyone that attended making this such a great event!

Our next 40k tournament will be on Saturday, May 28th at 10am, and will be the final tournament in the Aquila series.  It is 2500pts, and it’s your last chance to capture the title of Series Champion!

Here are the overall standings for this weekend’s tournament:

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