Server Issues

***UPDATE: Things are back to running again. It is possible that early Monday we will have another hiccup or two while we launch the online store. Thank you for your patience***

I just wanted to take a minute to apologize for the issues we are having with our website this weekend.  We are in the process of launching our brand new online store, which will be live on Monday or Tuesday.  Unfortunately this has resulted in a temporary loss of some of our other areas, including the forum and calendar.  We are sorry about this, and assure you that it is temporary, and should be resolved early Monday, when the technical guys get back to work.

The only event that is this weekend is:


Warhammer ‘Ard Boyz tournament

When: Saturday April 15th, 10:00am – 6:00pm

Pts: 3000pts

Entry Fee: FREE!

Participants will have the opportunity to earn a spot in the regional tournament later this year, and the top three winners will get store credit!  Not bad for a free tournament!  See you there!!!

There is also a possibility that you might come across a link to the new web store during this transition.  If you do, please remember that we haven’t launched it yet, so while it is online and accessible, it is not yet 100% active.  We still have a major update to do, and still need to run a few last tests to make sure it is functioning properly.  Therefor please do not order anything from it (YET! – Please do try it out in a day or two once it has been official launched!).

Thank you very much for your understanding!

~The Black Knight

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