Event: Call to Arms – Warhammer 2011

Following in the very successful footsteps of out Call to Arms: Warhammer 40K army building league, we are proud to announce Call to Arms: Warhammer!

Call to Arms is an army building league where participants all start a new army at the same time, and try and get it finished by a deadline two months later.  Participants get a deal on some product to start the army off, and anyone that completes the army by the deadline will earn a reward.  We also keep a project journal that the participants get to use to keep everyone updated on their progress.

In our last Call to Arms we had 27 people register, and 18 of them completed their task, and were eligible for the reward and for the free tournament on the deadline day.

So if you need that little bit of motivation to get your army done, or if you like getting $50 or more in rewards for doing your hobby sign up today!!!

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