BKG to stock full P3 & Vallejo paints!

Some exciting news for the painters out there: Black Knight Games will now be stocking two great new paint ranges, Vallejo’s Game Colour line, and Privateer Press’ Formula P3 line!  That’s right, we are tripling the number of paint ranges that you can choose from.  Let me tell you a little bit about these new lines.

Vallejo is known as one of, if not the premier miniature paint line.  Vallejo is a Spanish company, and they carry several lines of paints, including Model Air, Panzer Aces, Model Colour and the line that we will be stocking: Game Colour.  Game Colour has a large line of paints that are colour-matched to the Citadel colours that most of you are used to.  This includes a match to older colours like Tentacle Pink or Chestnut Ink.  Vallejo paints are 17ml, so you getting 5ml more in a Vallejo pot then you are in a Citadel one.  The paints are in dropper bottle format, so you can’t paint directly from the pot, but you will find your paints will not dry out nearly at all, and mixing colours is easier since you can use a certain number of drops.  The Vallejo line also has a number of interesting mediums, like metalic medium which makes any colour into a metalic, or gloss medium which turns any colour glossy.  So check out this new line, which should be arriving in about a week’s time.

Formula P3 is the paint range made by Privateer Press, and is the one primarily used by Warmachine & Hordes players.  The nice thing about P3 is that the colours are totally different colour tones then the Citadel ones.  You also get the most paint for your dollar in this range, since these paints will come in at about $4.00, but each pot has 22ml of paint in it!  That’s almost double the content of a Citadel pot, for equal or less money.  P3 has some great paint sets as well for each Warmachine &  Hordes faction.  More paint for your buck & more colour options is what this range will bring us.  This line should be available in a couple of weeks time.

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