Call to Arms Complete!

The great journey is over!  The Call to Arms for Warhammer 40,000 is over, and 18 of the 27 participants were victorious!  Congratulations to them.  They are rewarded with their share of the pool, which comes to $35.50, which means that combined with the $25 in credit they earned for signing up, all of those that finished were rewarded with over $60 in prizes!  Check out the Call to Arms page for full coverage of people’s successes and defeats.

We ended the Call to Arms with a free tournament for the victorious so that everyone would have a chance to try out their new armies.  This was the first tournament that we’ve ever had with 100% fully painted armies!  Here were the winners of the tournament:

Best Overall: Frank Woodhall (Blood Angels)

Best General: Ryan King (Orks)

Best Presentation: Cody Ricketts (Tyranids)

Best Sportsman: Daniel Bricker (Tau)

Here are the overall results of the tournament:

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