Call to Arms Update

Well there is less then a week until the deadline for Call to Arms, a fact that is certainly nerve-wracking for the twenty-one of us that are still working away, and a fact that is probably very exciting for the six that are already done (those lucky gits!).  I have just updated the Call to Arms page, so you can check out the latest on people’s armies including pictures etc.  I just wanted to remind everyone of a very important fact: In order to qualify for the prize you MUST submit us some journal entries as well as finish your army.  In order for it all to count we must have at least two journal entries sent to our info@blackknightgames email address by Sunday, and you must either show up for the tournament at noon on Sunday, or drop by the store before the event to show us the completed army (or send us pictures of the entire army).

So to be clear, the prize will be split amongst those that a) finish their army and prove it to us by noon on Sunday, and b) submitted at least two journal entries by noon on Sunday.  If you do not fulfill these requirements you will not qualify for the prize, plain and simple.  It doesn’t matter if you wrote the entries but never sent them.  It doesn’t matter if you forgot to send us pictures as proof of the army’s existence.  If something unforeseen happens, like your car breaks down on the way, make sure to call us.  The reason we need t be so strict is that we are dividing up the prize on Sunday, and once the prize-pie has been cut up and given out there is no more!  I believe that these conditions are more then fair, since they have been clearly on display both in the store and on the Call to Arms page since the very beginning.

So, fair warning!  Those of you who still have “Waiting for journal entry” written in your area be warned!  Get your army done, and don’t forget to tell us about it!!!

See you at the finish line,

~The Black Knight

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