Event: FoW Opening Barrage (Results)

Flames of War is finally back to the point at BKG where we can give it some more love and attention, because the player-base has become much bigger and consistent.  So over the past month we have gotten considerably more scenery, scheduled a weekly FoW game day (Sundays), build a great new table and, this past weekend, we held our first Flames of War tournament in a very long time!  While the turnout for the event wasn’t huge, due to a large number of our regular FoW players being busy, those that did attend had a great time.  I was particularly impressed by the fun and casual atmosphere, as well as the excellent support that Battlefront, makers of Flames of War, gave the event.  In the end the players got to play in a tournament, get lunch, and split $100 worth of Flames of War product in prizes!  All that for $15.00 ($12.00 for Stronghold Members) each.

While the number of players that were able to come wasn’t gigantic, the event was absolutely a success, and we had many others interested in coming to the next one, so you can be sure we will schedule a new Flames of War tournament in the near future.  Here are the overall standings of the event:

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