40K: Aquila 3 Custodes (Results)

Thanks to everyone that attended our third installment of the Aquila tournament series.  Unfortunately an unusually high number of players that had registered didn’t show up.  So this is a reminder that if you pre-register for an event and find out you are unable to make it, please give us a call.  In this instance we had several players hoping to play on our waiting list that would have happily taken the extra spots.  Here are the winners:

Best Overall: Alex Kirley (Necrons)

Best General: Dalton Nash (Blood Angels)

Best Presentation: Mike Jolliffe (Imperial Guard)

Best Sportsmanship: Matthew Petrasthuk (Blood Angels)

Congratulations to our winners, and thanks to everyone that participated in this tournament.   Here are the overall totals from this weekend’s tournament:

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