Event: Warmachine/Hordes Blood & Gears League

***UPDATE: The Blood & Gears league will be an experience-based league, where models/units in your army can gain advancements and become better.  Likewise, if they are unlucky they can end up getting permanent afflictions, or even being permanently destroyed!  Every match you will earn more gold to improve your army, or replace damaged or destroyed parts!  This league will be unlike anything we’ve ever run for Warmachine/Hordes, so be sure to come in this Thursday when it all begins!  Note: We have updated the Blood & Gears web page, so check out the resources there!***

Grease up your warjacks and feed your warbeasts because the biggest Warmachine & Hordes league yet at Black Knight Games is about to begin!  Check it out:

When: Thursday Evenings at 6:00pm

Begins: March 10th

Ends: April 14th

Entry Fee: FREE!

What to Bring: Your Warmachine or Hordes army (25pts+the possibility of adding more), as well as your gaming materials.

Check out the Blood & Gears web page for ongoing info!

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