Forum: First Knight Award (December)

I just realized that while we have already announced December’s First Knight on the Forum, we never actually announced it on the main site (here).

So, congratulations to Archaon, our First Knight from the month of December!  Archaon did a great job of adding to the conversation in many different threads on the forum, relating to multiple games.  He made some posts informing our forum users about some new releases & rules.  Overall, Archaon was the member of the forum that added the most to the conversation over the month.  He has been rewarded with a $30.00 credit at Black Knight Games, and will sport the snazzy First Knight logo on his profile until the next First Knight is revealed.

Our last First Knight, Agent Jim, is given an exclusive rank on the forum called ‘Knight of the Round Table’ to let everyone know of his valued service!

We will announce the new First Knight, from the month of January, next week.

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